Our Process

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Initial Consultation

Generally, we start with an in-home consultation/walkthrough where we discuss your project, design ideas and overall vision. At this time, we may also go over budgets and expectations to ensure that you are comfortable with the budget range.

For small projects (ie. tub surround), we may be able to provide an estimate based on details gathered through email without having to schedule an in-home visit.


Based on the information gathered during the consultation and considering all the elements of your project design and goals, we can then put together a detailed estimate for the project. We can make adjustments where needed and are willing to accomodate changes that you want to make during the project.

For product selections on flooring, tiles, plumbing supplies/fixtures, hardware, lighting fixtures…we prefer that you select/purchase what you like. You have option to arrange the delivery yourself or we can take care of it for you.


During this stage, if you are satisfied with our estimate. We can move forward once you have signed the estimate. This will ensure that we agree upon the scope of work involved and your plans. When you have completed your first deposit, we now can gather up materials and book your project in the schedule.

*Note* We do not start the project until all materials are on-site – this will prevent delays.


In the beginning stages, we will have laid out what milestones and time frames that deposits will need to be made in order to keep the necessary building materials and trades coming in on time. This way, there is no delays and we can best stay on schedule and on budget.

Quality Control

When the renovation is finished, we will have the pleasure of walking you through everything that was done, and getting your confirmation that you are satisfied with the result. If adjustments are needed, we will happily complete them at this stage.


Now that everything is complete and you are satisfied, we will provide you with our warranty and let you enjoy your new space!